About Us

We are a company wich is dedicated to the well being by our high quality and mineral compounded hot spring waters and a eco turistic complex.

About Us?

At Chocontá, Cundinamarca, a little town with a great artisan activity and just an hour and a half away from Bogotá you will find the right place to connect with nature; a paradise where you can find thermal water available for the revitalization of your mind and your body. We have four thermal pools, full of mineral-medicinal water which, thanks to its composition, has indescribable therapeutic properties, as well as a majestic steam room that is completely natural and unique in the region; You can also enjoy the relaxation you are looking for in our spa and enjoy all the benefits of being surrounded by nature in our hotel with 11 comfortable rooms. framed by the imposing mountains of our Cundinamarca landscape. You will find in this paradise a place that many appreciate for its great revitalizing value considering its magical environment necessary for a true rest.


Era 1970 un visionario calculó las bondades de lo que seguramente indígenas, y campesinos locales si aprovecharon. Una manifestación volcánica que emana agua rica en minerales calciferroyodosos que además de tener cantidades suficientes para declararla potable, seria un atractivo para la salud del alma y para la restauración física, poco a poco a través de décadas fueron construyéndose albercas, y salones muy hospitalarios, lo que permitio que el voz a voz se manifestara en elogios al entorno paisajistico y a la unidad termal con sus piscinas y cámara de Vapor natural, lo que hoy produce deleite de Nacionales y extranjeros, a tan solo 75 kms de la vibrante ciudad de Bogotá.